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the province of Foggia, in the region of Castelnuovo della Daunia, Chieti, San Paolo di Civitate, San Severo, Serracapriola and Torremaggiore.

The thousand-year old journey of wine and oil interweaves through and shapes Puglia’s flourishing agriculture, as in so many other regions. Such as, for example, San Severo which is a centre of excellence for classic method sparkling white wines and is also famous for extra virgin olive oil. For the production ofextra virgin olive oil with Dauno Protected Designation of Origin, with Alto Tavoliere protected geographic indication, are considered as ideal for the olive groves in the production area, whose terroir for the most part originated in the Pliocene era, arises from a substrate called Serracapriola Sands; yellowish sand with fairly large grains, which is more or less hardened with a texture which varies from sandy to sandy-loam and sandy-clay, with percentages which from time to time predominates one over another.

Peak production from the olive groves for D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil Dauno, with Alto Tavoliere Protected Geographical Indication, does not exceed 10 000kg per hectare for intensively farmed olives, with a maximum yield of 20% of oil in the olives.

Dauno Alto Tavoliere extra virgin olive oil for release for consumption should have the following chemical and organoleptic characteristics:

  • colour from green to yellow
  • moderate fruity aroma with hints of fresh fruit and sweet almonds
  • fruity taste
  • Panel test score >=6.5
  • maximum acidity 0.6%
  • number of peroxides =<12 Meq O2 /Kg
  • total polyphenols >= 100 ppm

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