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the province of Foggia, all or part of the Communes of: Accadia, Alberona, Anzano di Puglia, Ascoli Satriano, Biccari, Bovino, Candela, Carlantino, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Casalvecchio di Puglia, Castelnuovo della Daunia, Castelluccio dei Sauri, Castelluccio Valmaggiore, Celenza Valfortore, Celle S. Vito, Deliceto, Faeto, Lucera, Monteleone di Puglia, Motta Montecorvino, Orsara di Puglia, Panni, Pietra Montecorvino, Rocchetta S. Antonio, Roseto Valfortore, S. Marco la Catola, S. Agata di Puglia, Troia, Volturara Appula, Volturino.

For the production of extra virgin olive oil with Dauno Protected Designation of Origin, and with Sub Appenino protected geographic indication, the olive groves in the production zone are considered to be ideal, and which include regions originating from the Miocene era of the areas which include the low to medium hills, which are known as the Daunia Formation and which are comprised of a very varied substrate, including, inter alia, breccias and outcrops of calcareous limestone, clay and silty marl, compact limestone or whitish chalk. The other areas were formed during the Pliocene and the Quartenery period, and thus offer a considerable variety of substrates. The soils have a texture which ranges from clay to sandy with a fairly high presence of calcified skeletons. In the areas which preponderantly feature clay, there are frequently slope movements and landslips.

The maximum production of olives from olive groves intended for the production of Dauno extra virgin olive oil, with Sub Appennino protected geographical indication, may not exceed 8 000 kg per hectare for intensive farms. The maximum yield of oil in the olives may not exceed 22%, even in exceptionally favourable years overall production may not exceed the maximum limit by more than 20%.

Dauno Sub Appenino extra virgin olive oil for release for consumption should have the following chemical and organoleptic characteristics:

  • colour from green to yellow
  • moderate fruity aroma with hints of fresh fruit
  • fruity taste
  • total maximum acidity expressed as oleic acid, by weight, not more than 0.6 grammes per 100 grammes of oil
  • Panel test score=> 6.5
  • number of peroxides=<12 Meq02 /Kg
  • total polyphenols >= 100 ppm

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Anzano di Puglia

Ascoli Satriano





Casalnuovo Monterotaro

Casalvecchio di Puglia

Castelnuovo della Daunia

Castelluccio dei Sauri

Castelluccio Valmaggiore

Celenza Valfortore

Celle San Vito




Monteleone di Puglia

Motta Montecorvino

Orsara di Puglia


Pietra Montecorvino

Rocchetta San Antonio

Roseto Valfortore

San Marco la Catola

San Agata di Puglia


Volturara Appula