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  • 200 g orecchiette
  • 20 Regina di Torre Canne tomatoes on the vine
  • 60 g (about) Apulian burratta cheese
  • extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • 10 basil leaves
  • organic lemon zest to taste
  • fine and coarse iodised salt
  • flakes of cacio ricotta (optional)
  • Mono cultivar extra virgin olive oil from the fabulous Azienda De Bellis Vitti (Castellana Grotte)


For the orecchiette: 

• 200g of re-milled durum semolina wheat
• salt to taste
• warm water about 70/80g.

Tip the re-milled durum semolina wheat onto a table top (preferably wooden), make a well and add a pinch of salt. Pour the water into the centre and start working with the fingers, incorporating the semolina a little so that it absorbs the water which has been poured in. Work the dough with the hands to obtain an even and elastic whole. After working for about 10 mins, form the dough into a ball and leave to rest at room temperature for about 15 mins under a cloth. When this time has elapsed, work a piece of the pasta to make a small strip about one centimetre wide. Cut pieces of pasta from the strip of about 1 cm.
Using a knife with a smooth blade, form the “orecchie” by pulling the little pieces with the knife, with the help of a sprinkle of the semolina on the pastry board. After the pulling process, twist the orecchiette on themselves with your thumb. Leave to rest for 20/30 mins.

For the sauce:
Wash the tomatoes, cut into 4 (lengthways), place into a bowl, add a little salt and a quantity of extra virgin olive oil. Tear the basil leaves by hand and add in. Mix well and place in the freezer for about 15 mins. Meanwhile
put water on to boil, when it starts to boil add coarse iodised salt; tip in the orecchiette and cook for 7/8 mins.
After cooking, drain and pass the orecchiette under fresh running water to stop cooking. Place the orecchiette in the bowl with the tomatoes and basil, mix well and return everything to the freezer for a further 15 mins.

For the dressing:
Plate (preferably on a UFO style plate), make a space in the centre of the orecchiette (type of crater) and add the burrata cheese; finish with a drizzle of oil.
Make a small tuft on the top of the burrata and add a basil leaf with a gloss of oil. Grate over a little organic lemon zest. Optional: some flakes of cacio ricotta with mixed cow and goat milk.


Mara Nitti Lady Chef