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Tubettini with mussles

Ingredients for 4 people:

For the tomatoes and the aromatic herbs

  • 200 g Fiaschetto tomatoes from Torre Guaceto
  • 4 coves garlic
  • 1 Fresh hot chilli pepper
  • 60 g parsley
  • 4 parsley stalks


For the mussels:

  • 2 kg fresh Taranto mussels


For cooking:

  • 80 ml PDO Terra di Bari-Bitonto extra virgin olive oil,
  • 300 g tubettini
  • Margherita di Savoia sea salt
  • black pepper to taste


To finish:

  • stock,
  • parsley to taste
  • 20 ml DOP Terra di Bari-Bitonto extra virgin olive oil


For the tomatoes and the aromatic herbs:
blanch and peel the tomatoes and cut into quarters. Chop the garlic, fresh chilli pepper and parsley

For the cooking:
remove open and broken shells. Using a paring knife scrape shells with encrustations. Remove the sea silk from each mussel (or the lateral thread which comes out of the shell). Immerse the mussels in fresh water and wash thoroughly. Drain and change the water until it appears clean and free of impurities. Open the mussels in half using a knife, taking care not to break the delicate and precious fruit protected by the shell and remove the upper valve. Filter and reserve the mussel water.

To cook:
in a casserole pot lightly brown the garlic in the PDO Terra di Bari-Bitonto extra virgin olive oil. Add the parsley stalks, the chilli pepper and fry lightly. Remove the parsley stalks. Add the tomatoes and cook.
Bit by bit add the filtered mussel water. Add the pasta and cook. Add the mussels and finish cooking. If necessary add more mussel water.

Stir through: PDO Terra di Bari-Bitonto extra virgin olive oil, parsley and season with salt and pepper. The pasta must remain al dente and in the thickened stock.

To finish: serve the tubettini with a little of the stock, parsley and a drizzle of PDO Terra di Bari-Bitonto extra virgin olive oil.


Tubettini with mussels is a seafood starter dish with Apulian origins. The recipe is quick and easy to prepare, few and simple ingredients. It is an extremely tasty dish despite the simplicity of the recipe, the most part of the time is required for opening the mussels which is invariably done when they are raw. For the pasta tubetti or tubettini (smaller) are preferred and they can be smooth or ridged. As regards the mussels the perfect variety is black mussels, possibly from Taranto which are particularly meaty, flavourful and aromatic.


Antonella Cantarella